'Mapping the Invisible Makers of Oslo' is a research project conducted by students in the Co-design minor program at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. The project is part of an international collaboration with Elisava - Barcelona School of Design and Engineering in the Design for City Making (DxCM) initiative, where students are introduced to field-based learning methods in design research through exploring various cities of Europe. The brief for the project problematises the terms ‘maker’ and ‘making’ and investigates what acts of production within the city can be covered by these terms. What does it entail to be a maker, what do makers look like, in what areas/spaces do they work and which resources do they use? In this international excursion to Norway, students are asked to use ethnographic research methods to place the invisible makers of Oslo on the map and co-develop a legend. The words of the legend act as starting points for the design research that the students conduct.

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